Cocktail range

Starling cocktails form our most joyful and festive range reflecting Starling’s aim to break with convention and reinvent tea time! The Starling cocktail range of instant beverages will usher you away to a tropical beach whatever the time of the year.

Starling beverage blends contain sugar cane, black or green tea extracts and flavourings.

Starling bissap-mint

This STARLING blend, combines the tangy taste of hibiscus and the freshness of mint for a truly African flavoured drink.

Starling pineapple-coconut

This Starling pineapple-coconut instant beverage gives you a ticket to an island retreat! In summer, enjoy a cool Starling pineapple-coconut drink with some ice cubes, that tastes like an alcohol-free pina colada! If you love cocktails, spoil yourself with Starling pineapple-coconut to quickly conjure up creative drinks that combine the refreshing taste of pineapple and the indulgence of coconut.

Starling exotic fruits

Take a break and enjoy a Starling exotic fruit drink that’ll whisk you away to a heavenly beach! In summer, enjoy a cool Starling exotic fruit beverage with some ice cubes to remind you of a tropical drink! If you love cocktails, Starling exotic fruits will be your secret to quickly rustle up some creative and unique drinks.

Starling mint-lime

Starling mint-lime instant beverage is inspired by the famous mojito cocktail but this alcohol-free version is a breeze to make! Prepared cold, together with some crushed ice and a mint leaf for the perfectionists, this instant beverage drink will be your companion for those party moments!

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Exotic range